WRT Equipment Ltd.

Bedding Boxes

WRT Equipment's excavator bedding boxes keep material contained to minimize the loss. These boxes allow for carefully controlled bedding material placement, saving time and money by minimizing wait times for pipe bedding transfer and reduce the amount of unusable bedding material.

Bedding boxes should be sized at lease 12" wider than bucket, and hold at least 4 buckets full of material.

  • Inclined ends for easy removal of material with an excavator
  • 1⁄2" plate floor and ends
  • Standard Duty – 1⁄4" plate side wall and bracing
  • Heavy Duty – 3⁄8" plate side wall and bracing
  • Lift pipe standard with 30" clearance
  • Lift and tie down lashing rings
  • Optional bolt on I-Beam skid available