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Who We Are

Our History

WRT Equipment Ltd. traces its history back to 1968 when a group of inventors in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, produced the world's first Rotary Thresh Combine. Originally called "Western Roto Thresh" the company continued to focus on the production of grain harvesting combines until 1978.

The success of the rotary thresh combine drew attention from the large agricultural implement manufacturers. As these manufacturers began to produce their own versions of the rotary thresh combine, it became apparent that the company would not be able to compete with large scale manufacturers and the company shifted its focus to serving the road building industry.

The company spent a number of years developing both a product line and providing solutions to the road building industry and in 1981, the name of the company was changed to WRT Equipment Ltd. As the capabilities of the company expanded, the mining industry also became a major market for both custom fabrication and equipment.


Under new ownership since 2006, WRT is committed to developing working relationships with customers, providing solutions to help their business succeed and reach production goals. WRT's focus on providing solutions and quality-built equipment providing a long service life, blended with excellent service, is WRT's foundation.

What We Do


WRT Equipment Ltd. designs and manufactures both standard and custom WRT branded equipment for the aggregate, construction, asphalt and mining industries. WRT Equipment Ltd. also provides manufacturing services to other companies and produces equipment that is not its brand.


WRT Equipment Ltd. is a licensed Consulting Engineering firm in the province of Saskatchewan. WRT's vast experience in material handling and processing and asphalt production enables us to provide a unique skill set to solving our customer's problem's in these areas.


WRT Equipment Ltd. provides on-site and in-shop service to WRT and other manufacturer's equipment. WRT employs journeymen trades people (Industrial Mechanics, Welders, and Steel Fabricators) as well as Professional Engineers. Additionally, WRT maintains a fully equipped shop and mobile equipment for service calls.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

WRT Equipment Ltd. understands that our customers expect high-quality products and exceptional experiences.

ISO 9001

By committing to a continually improving ISO 9001 registered Quality Management System, we strive to continuously improve the quality of our equipment and our customers' experience.


We will conduct ourselves professionally, in a safe and engaging workplace, and we will engage our stakeholders to ensure their expectations are being met.